Sparks, Nevada

MickeyMicroNV SparksOffice

Since 1994 MicroMetl Corporation has operated a second manufacturing and distribution facility in Sparks, Nevada to better serve customers in the Western United States, Canada, and Mexico. Throughout the years, the Sparks facility has twice doubled in size from its original 33,000 sq. ft. footprint to today's high-efficiency 149,000 sq. ft. plant.

From this centralized location, MicroMetl Sparks Provides the most competitive prices and lead times to a wide network of HVAC distributors stretching from the West Coast to the Rocky Mountains and from the desert Southwest to Pacific Northwest. This Location also serves Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands.

Under the guidance of a veteran sales and engineering team, MicroMetl Sparks consistently produces the highest quality HVAC accessories from an independently accredited ISO 9001:2008 certified facility. Knowledgeable employees strive to exceed customer expectations and ensure that every job, big or small, is built in accordance with exacting client specifications and accepted manufacturing processes.